Firearm Safety Certification

All student athletes are required to complete and submit certificates for either one of two League-approved firearm safety certification programs – a state-approved hunter education certificate or the League’s SAFE Certification. Teams should verify the firearm safety training certification requirements with the shooting range where they will be conducting League events.

Student athletes cannot shoot at an event on a team at any time without a League-approved firearm safety certificate. Certificate numbers are required to be entered into TMS by the head coach before the Reserve Week begins. A student athlete that is missing a valid League-approved firearm safety certificate will be removed from the team’s roster when the Reserve Week begins.


League-approved firearm safety certificates include:

  1. State-approved hunter education certification. Most states require that hunters complete a certified hunter education course. The hunter education certificate is proof that students have successfully completed a state’s official and approved hunting safety course. A student is allowed to use a different state’s hunter education certificate than their residing state. A team coach will verify the certificate’s authenticity. Check your state’s department of natural resources website for complete hunter education certification information. If the hunter education certificate cannot be obtained by the deadline, then the League’s SAFE Certification is recommended if the shooting range allows it.
  2. Student Athlete Firearm Education (SAFE) Certification. The League’s SAFE Certification provides an in-depth firearm safety and procedures training program designed specifically for League participants. The cost per student of the SAFE Certificate is $25 and is payable at the beginning of the online course. Refunds are not allowed. The SAFE Certificate is valid only for League participation and cannot be used for obtaining a hunting license. The SAFE Certificate is designed specifically for student athletes and coaches participating in the League.


Benefits of the SAFE Certificate include:

  • Affordable – about the same as other hunter education classes
  • Accessible – available online with a computer
  • Comprehensive – the online course takes 3-4 hours to complete
  • Fun – animated graphics, sound, and interactive learning make it entertaining
  • Convenient – progress can be saved at anytime to work around busy schedules
  • Relevant – it’s all about clay target shooting sports and firearm safety
  • Consistent – everyone will learn the same content from a single source
  • Verified – clay target team coaches help complete the SAFE Range Certification


The SAFE Certification requires the completion of the online AND shooting range certification programs to earn the SAFE Certificate.

Step 1: Complete the SAFE Online Certification program before the athlete registration deadline. To access the SAFE Online Certification, go to and create an account. The SAFE course costs $25. Upon completion of the online course, the student athlete will receive a confirmation email and PDF certificate.

Step 2: Complete the SAFE Range Day Certification before the Reserve Week begins. The SAFE Range Day Certification is conducted at the shooting range and coordinated by the team. Students will participate in a training session conducted by a CLASS Certified coach on the team. The 1-2 hour shooting range training will include firearm safety, shooting sport procedures, shooting at clay targets, and range safety requirements. The Instructors must have completed the League’s Coach Leadership And Safety Support (CLASS) Certification program. Instructors will be provided a SAFE Range Day Certification guide from the League to assist with certification.

Step 3: Update SAFE Online and SAFE Range Day completion dates in ClayTargetGo! The SAFE Online and SAFE Range Day completion dates are required to be entered into AMS through ClayTargetGO! before the Reserve Week begins. AMS users can update and save the SAFE completion date in the student athlete’s profile in AMS. Head Coaches and team staff with access to the Team Management System (TMS) can view and update a student athlete’s completion dates. A student athlete that is missing a valid League-approved firearm safety certificate will be removed from the team’s roster when the Reserve Week begins.

All student athletes that complete the SAFE Certification receive an official iron-on certificate patch from the USA High School Clay Target League.


If you have questions about the League or the SAFE Certification program, please use the ‘Contact’ form to get in touch.